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More Inspiration Than You Can Handle

Sometime's it's easy to find inspiration. Some people's ideas just blow your mind... for awhile. Once the excitement, the "I can do this!" wears off though, it can be tough to become re-inspired by the same person. I find it especially difficult to become re-inspired by people who motivate for a living, with the purpose of making you better... for a price. The best, most inspiring person I can think of though, is Henry Rollins. He doesn't fill a hotel hall with people who pay exorbitant amounts of money to sit through a lecture that teaches you to be a better person, only to be disappointed when the lecture itself fails to bring about the change they were looking for in their lives. He tells a story about himself. Whether it's all the hell he went through as the young punk lead singer of Black Flag, having bodily fluids thrown at him, having gear stolen by the same bar owners that paid the band to play, having to eat canned dog food because anothe


It's Monday. I suppose for most people who read (all 1 of you) this, Monday is the first day of your work week. Not for me! I'm on a rotating schedule, so today is my Friday! Sometimes I take a picture for the purposes of writing about it. This is one of those posts. There are not enough blog posts like this. Usually a story is accompanied by a loosely related stock photo or clip art. That shit needs to stop. This is my favorite coffee mug. It is the sturdiest coffee mug I've ever owned and I stole it from my ex when I moved out because hey, she left every single coffee mug I purchased at her work where they were then stolen . It's no longer a pretty mug. I didn't even wash it for this picture. I had to kludge together a pull tab after the plastic one this mug was manufactured with just broke off one day. I fretted for a bit over it until I realized that a paper clip fit through the hole. Currently it's filled with luke-warm coffee, but that's oka