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On Mandatory Intra-vaginal Ultrasounds

I'm going to go ahead and get a little political here.  It's been known to happen from time to time.  I ended up writing this in response to a query from a commenter on this story  about the anti-woman anti-abortion law in North Carolina being struck down.  I was addressing commenter Nefertittles, who I subsequently decided was not as crazy at her initial comment led me (and many others) to believe. So basically we ("we" being anyone who is pro-choice) are expected to oppose a law that has doctors providing  more  information? How fucked up is that? We're against knowledge now? This one is making me uncomfortable. So, as I later learned, Nefertittles just wasn't aware of what was already required in the process of obtaining an abortion.  That's okay.  It's an opportunity to teach, and I like to use humor to do that. So You've Decided to Get an Abortion! You made this decision with or without the knowledge or permission of the perso