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Fear and Paranoia - Brought To You by Mockingbird Media

(Updated - Originally published 4/23/15)  Where is the beauty in the news?  Local news isn’t even local anymore.  All of the stations have the exact same stories; stories designed to create fear and paranoia.  It may seem hilarious when late night shows do a montage of allegedly independent local news stations using the exact same verbiage all across the nation, but it’s really creepy. “Tune in tonight as we remind you of a young woman that was skinned alive and raped 20 years ago.  We’ll discuss the gruesome details with the son of the perpetrator who confessed on his deathbed.  And later, is vanilla or chocolate ice cream healthier for your heart? ” "Fact not fear!  Tonight we tell you how many people have died from Covid without providing any context whatsoever and leave you to wonder if everyone you love will be dead in two weeks time!" It bleeds, it leads.  It  doesn't  matter where the bleeding occurs as long as white America becomes fearful from it. That’s