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It's Monday. I suppose for most people who read (all 1 of you) this, Monday is the first day of your work week. Not for me! I'm on a rotating schedule, so today is my Friday! Sometimes I take a picture for the purposes of writing about it. This is one of those posts. There are not enough blog posts like this. Usually a story is accompanied by a loosely related stock photo or clip art. That shit needs to stop. This is my favorite coffee mug. It is the sturdiest coffee mug I've ever owned and I stole it from my ex when I moved out because hey, she left every single coffee mug I purchased at her work where they were then stolen . It's no longer a pretty mug. I didn't even wash it for this picture. I had to kludge together a pull tab after the plastic one this mug was manufactured with just broke off one day. I fretted for a bit over it until I realized that a paper clip fit through the hole. Currently it's filled with luke-warm coffee, but that's oka